Basic Logistics Services

  • Efficient and secure distribution network
  • Validated temperature maintenance
  • Supply chain management services
  • Range of validated packaging solutions
  • Direct to hospital/pharmacy delivery
  • Inventory management and information systems
  • Regulatory expertise and processing
  • IATA compliance for dangerous goods
  • Day definite delivery

Network Design

  • Inventory Placement & Optimization
  • End-to-End Visibility and Control
  • Decision Support System

Heavy Machinery Shifting

We help our business clients to move their heavy assets without any hassle. We are having the best resources to provide you with the most impressive services and move any type of heavy machinery to your desired location. Along with professional staff, we make sure to use the best transportation mediums for the movement of your items. Once you choose us for these movement tasks, we will help you to stay free from your worries. Along with this, we facilitate your move with packaging, loading, and unloading services. When it comes to any type of industrial move, we also make sure to do everything in a fast manner. We never want to make any delays and cause huge business losses. Whether you are active in any industry and want any type of machine moved to a new place, just choose us and we will provide you with the best services.

Express Deliveries

Get Next Day and Second Day Deliveries anywhere in India for urgent parcels with our widespread networks of warehouses and employees.

LCIS Services (Logistic Chain Integration Services)

  • Assembly
  • Cargo Sorting
  • Repairs
  • Packaging and Re-packaging
  • Handling of Return Shipments and Reclamations
  • Quality Control
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Customs Handling
  • Confidential, Temperature Controlled or Sensitive Shipments

We have developed a range of superior Temperature Controlled Solutions to meet your specific needs. These solutions are backed by extensive and reliable express distribution, dry ice supplies including free top-up replenishments, real-time shipment status information, regulatory clearance, validation services and project management. The packaging is constructed from recyclable, environmentally-friendly and cost-effective material.